May 10, 2012

Instructions for uploading the background image part 2

Ok, on the previous post I gave the instructions for uploading the background image, adjusting the widths and choosing the layout. Now we go to advanced...this so exciting...I love this part.

1. Go back to Design > Customize > Advanced > you can choose the font types, colors and sizes as you wish.

2. You can choose the background, border and shadow colors, or if you like background as designed, choose transparent options.

3. Have fun, try different colors and fonts and design. :)

4. Remember to Apply to Blog.

5. Oh, and one more thing. When you have finished, I would like to ask a one favor. Go to the bottom of you blog...

click the tool (1.) > the pop up window will show up. I wanted you to copy the code below, and paste it into Copyright (optional):

Background design by <a href="">*itKuPiLLi*</a>

Thank you!:))

There is one more step, centering the header, you can find the instructions here

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