Nov 16, 2010

Confused? I am!

One reason for not updating this blog recently is, that I'm confused about the new Blogger templates. I haven't had enough time to dig into the new codes and stuff. I still don't know how to make these background for new templates. Therefor still all my backgrounds are made for Minima template.

If you have a new Blogger template, but wanted to change back to Minima, luckily that's easy. You just had to go to your blog "Design" > "edit HTML" > scroll down and choose "Select Layout Template" > choose "Minima" (first tempalate) > save.

But, if anyone can advice me with new templates, I'd love to learn what to do. Then I could promise new backgrounds for new templates too.

And I must apologize, that I haven't had time to response to any comments or emails. And I'm afraid that until Christmas I'll be to busy to do that. Get back after Christmas, if you still need help or advice. I'm going to delete my email. And I start replying on your requests after Christmas. I know, I'm awful, I hope you understand. ;)

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