Dec 15, 2011

Mix and match!

I´ve made a bunch of new backgrounds and headers. Mix and match, find your own favorite combination. :)

Dec 9, 2011

Good news and the bad news about the background disorder!

Hi Guys,

Here are the latest news about the backgrounds appearing too small:

The good news first. I fixed all the background codes, so they should work just fine. (but if there is still problems with any codes, please leave a comment and I will fix the problem).

And then the bad news. You have to replace your existing background code with a new fixed one of your own. You have to find the HTML/Java Script gadget where you have the background code and remove the old code and then add the new fixed code.

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One way of fixing the shrunken background....

Thank you guys for helping (the previous post) with this shrunken background problem, here is a of linkfor the solution:

But I have also fixed all the background codes, so the easiest way of fixing the background problem is to remove the old code and replace it with the fixed code.

Oct 6, 2011

Thank you guys and cure for disturbing logo

Oh my, thank you guys, talking about responses! I can´t complain anymore that I don´t have ideas for the backgrounds! I am overwhelmed and flattered. And now it´s my turn to do something, first new background is ready to post...

And about disturbing logo, with Blogger newer templates, the logo doesn´t know where to go, I don´t know why, but anyways, it´s very easy problem to solve. Just move the gadget with the background code from the top to the end of the side bar. The code takes up the position where the gadget is placed. Hopefully this was clear enough explanation. Forgive my lousy English. ;)

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Aug 21, 2011

Hi guys, I need help! + edit.

Hi guys, you must help me now, I´m so depressed! Just kidding, the problem is not that bad! But seriously, I could use your help.

I´ve run out of all ideas for new backgrounds. I would love to make more, but I don´t know what kind of themes you want. Any ideas? Tell me what kind of background you would like to have? What about banners and header, any ideas for those?

I would be more than happy to get new ideas. And I will pick as many as I can and create new backgrounds with your ideas. Thanks in advance. :))

And once more, I´m really sorry, that I have not time to reply either email or comments. But I appreciate your interest and support.

Edit. Please, do not send the ideas on my email, because I'm afraid that I loose them there, leave your ideas on the comment box, then I see then all and know where to find them all at once. Thank you. :))
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