Feb 20, 2009

About my backgrounds

There was a good question in comments; is there something wrong, cause my backgrounds look too large? The answer is that no, they are made to look like that. But I like to make the same question for you, should I rather use a smaller scale? There are of course those too, but I like my self this intense what a larger scale and images gives. But I would be really happy to get your opinion.

And of course it also depends of the screen size, my older backgrounds are made to 1450 x 1100 resolution, newer ones I make with 1600 x 1200, so they look good also with very large screens. But in all designs I've tried to make them so, that they look OK with all kinds of screens.

In that picture you see, how this background looks in my small laptop screen, but there inside is the picture there you see the whole image, which you can see, if you have a larger screen.

Difficult to explain. But feel free to tell me what you think. I would be very happy if I get your opinion too, cause I want to make backgrounds you like and enjoy.