Jul 14, 2012

01 Pink Damask Tape

This background is available only in one size. The center is 1000px wide. For uploading the image to a new blogger templates, you can download the background image here.

If you are still using the Minima template, you find the code by clicking read more.

You can download the matching Ganesha header (950 px wide) here.

This is the beginning of the totally new era

My ladies and gentlemen!

I´m going to launch here a totally new era. Instead of posting the backgrounds and other accessories to their own blogs, I will post everything to this blog only. So for now on, you will find the new backgrounds and stuff here.  And all the new backgrounds will be right size, no matter if you add them with the code or upload them straight to your blog. I will provide both the code and the link to the background image. So you can choose, which way you want to add the background.

Some of the old backgrounds are not the right size for uploading. And I´m not going to change them, at least not all of them. You can always make a wish, if you wanted me to re-size your favorite background good for uploading. I will leave the old stuff on the other blogs as they are for sometime, so you can still explore those and even if I might close those other blogs, don´t worry, you will not loose your background, the codes won´t expire.

Complicated? I know...I try to make this transformation as simple as possible. How? I have no idea yet. By the way, if anyone knows, what would be the ideal file size for uploading, I´d be more than happy to know. If not, the background size will be 1600 x 1100 px.

PS. I am sorry, I haven´t had time to reply to comments and emails. I will empty my email box and try to find time for replying to new comments and emails.

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