Dec 15, 2011

Mix and match!

I´ve made a bunch of new backgrounds and headers. Mix and match, find your own favorite combination. :)

Dec 9, 2011

Good news and the bad news about the background disorder!

Hi Guys,

Here are the latest news about the backgrounds appearing too small:

The good news first. I fixed all the background codes, so they should work just fine. (but if there is still problems with any codes, please leave a comment and I will fix the problem).

And then the bad news. You have to replace your existing background code with a new fixed one of your own. You have to find the HTML/Java Script gadget where you have the background code and remove the old code and then add the new fixed code.

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One way of fixing the shrunken background....

Thank you guys for helping (the previous post) with this shrunken background problem, here is a of linkfor the solution:

But I have also fixed all the background codes, so the easiest way of fixing the background problem is to remove the old code and replace it with the fixed code.