May 18, 2012

Centering the header in Blogger

With some new blogger template the header is not centered, but it's very simple to correct.

Go to Design > Advanced > Add CSS > Paste the code below to Add custom CSS:

.header-outer {

You can adjust the pixel width, depending the size of your header. Try different widths until the header is centered. Lower pixel width moves the header left, larger to right. With the template and the header I've used in this blog, 50 px width looks right.

May 10, 2012

Instructions for uploading the background image part 2

Ok, on the previous post I gave the instructions for uploading the background image, adjusting the widths and choosing the layout. Now we go to advanced...this so exciting...I love this part.

May 9, 2012

Instructions for uploading the background image part 1

With new blogger templates it's much better to uploaded backgrounds, instead of using the background codes in gadgets. I know, this might sound surprising, because I made so long long backgrounds to use with codes. I'm going to add the new backgrounds the way, that you can copy and save to image straight onto your computer, but meanwhile and with the older backgrounds this is what you can do:

You can find the the instructions to upload the background to your blog, instead of adding background code with gadget, by clicking "read more". You can make this change and still use the same background you have chosen. This needs only a little bit effort, but the result is worthy.