Feb 20, 2009

About my backgrounds

There was a good question in comments; is there something wrong, cause my backgrounds look too large? The answer is that no, they are made to look like that. But I like to make the same question for you, should I rather use a smaller scale? There are of course those too, but I like my self this intense what a larger scale and images gives. But I would be really happy to get your opinion.

And of course it also depends of the screen size, my older backgrounds are made to 1450 x 1100 resolution, newer ones I make with 1600 x 1200, so they look good also with very large screens. But in all designs I've tried to make them so, that they look OK with all kinds of screens.

In that picture you see, how this background looks in my small laptop screen, but there inside is the picture there you see the whole image, which you can see, if you have a larger screen.

Difficult to explain. But feel free to tell me what you think. I would be very happy if I get your opinion too, cause I want to make backgrounds you like and enjoy.


  1. Hello~
    I LOVE your backgrounds, but I can't seem to get them to work on Typepad. Do you know why that might be? I'd love to use one of them but I can't get it to show up.

  2. P.s. Your buttons (accessories) show up, it's just the bkgd. that wont show up.
    Thanks, kelly

  3. Kelly
    These backgrounds work only with Blogger, and I don't know, if there is a way to make these for typepad too. But I will find out. But all other accessories should work in all kinds of web sites.

  4. Kelly
    I found this from TypePad Support:

    TypePad's template builder allows users to add a banner to their weblogs, but it does not have a way to add background images to other elements at this time. As a way around this limitation, users at the Pro level can use an Advanced Template or the Custom CSS feature to add background images to their weblog's template.

    I will think about this thing, and maybe I will make backgrounds for typepad too.

  5. I just love all your free backgrounds! I couldn't decide which one to use. They are just so darn cool....absolutely beautiful. Thank you for sharing. ~Nan

  6. Nan
    Thank you, I am so happy! It's so inspiring to get so nice comments. You make my day!

  7. Ever since I found this site, I have changed my blog 4 times.....obviously, I can't decide which one I love the best. My friends keep saying that I am changing my blog every 5 minutes! Thank you so much for adding a new purple one, which I think will be my final decision. Love so many of your designs, and with a widescreen monitor it is heaven!

  8. Nan
    So good to know, that someone else is crazy like me, I love to change my blogs all the time. Cheap fun!

    And of course all backgrounds look at their best with a widescreen monitor. :)

  9. Elaina
    Thank you for you comment, it's always nice to know who visits here. Welcome again. :)

  10. I just found your site, and I adore your backgrounds! I have immediately changed mine on both blogs. i would love the Shabby Chic one to be a 3-column background - however, I like it so much I have reverted back to 2 columns! Your designs are very unique, very richly detailed, and I certainly wouldn't describe them as cute (having seen some of the cute ones out there.

    I have mentioned the site in a post, and also put your button into the side bar. Hope that's OK?

    On the down side, just to let you know: your striped header and teardrop headers are not showing on your site, just empty boxes, which is a shame!

  11. Susie
    Thank you so much for your lovely words, and I'm more than pleased about your nice and flattering post.:)

    But very strange is that you don't see those headers, cause I see them, and I've seen them also on other blogs on use. And also an other strange thing is, that I can see background on your 1st Floor Flat-blog, but not on the BLADE RUBBER BLOG, I can see only my banner on the left upper corner.

    By the way, your 1 st Floor Flat looks really cool, you picked one of my own favorite background!

  12. Hi again

    Hmm, must be one of life's mysteries! I still can't see your headers (I looked in IE as well as Firefox) and the BladeRubber one looks fine at my end. Weird! Perhaps these problems will fix themselves, given time.

    An idea for a 3-column template (I don't know whether it's possible...) What puts me off a lot of the 3-column blogs I see is that they appear very crowded. Maybe if there was a larger gap between each column, very distinct (or a piece of ribbon or whatever, to separate them) they would appear easier to read. And default the side columns to fully justified type, or the left-hand one alone to justify right... I think it's the type from the left-hand column looking as if it drifts into the central column that looks so messy.

    The problem is always that the two side columns seem to overwhelm the central one (not yours though - I'm just speaking generally).

    Susie x

  13. Hi Susie
    I just looked, and now I see Blade Rubber, looks fine. Maybe one day you will see the headers.

    About 3 column, you can change the widths of them, and also leave more space between columns. My 3 column is quite narrow, cause I want also the background sides to be seen.

    But I've add some smaller pictures on the sidebars and I feel that they kind of give more space and the sidebars don't look so growded.

    But making changes to template HTML, you can adjust the widths, but then the background must be also designed to fit with with wider template.