Aug 10, 2012

Granny´s Attic + edit.

Granny´s Attic background is for new blogger templates ( but I´m almost sure, that you can use that pattern also with Wordpress and Typepad blogs, if anyone knows, please tell us). Click "read more" for installing instructions.

 You can download the Granny´s Attic Header (950 px). Click image > view image and save image to your computer of download it here.

The Granny´s Attic background pattern, click the image > view image > save image to your computer or you can also download it here.

You can surely use the Granny´s Attic header with other backgrounds too. Above a couple of suggestions.

Great news, the background and header work fine also with Wordpress-blog. I still wonder, how is it about Typepad? Anyone here willing to try?

1. Download the background pattern here.
2. Go to blogger template designer, upload the pattern and choose alignment up left (usually default)
3. NO scroll with page.
4. Adjust the widths (the most suitable width with the header for Entire blog is 990 px).
4. Go to Advanced and choose the other colors. Let your imagination flow!

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