Jul 5, 2009

Paint Shop Pro Tutorial - Coloring the image

I will show now, how I usually do the coloring.

First I want to decrease saturation a little bit.
I use this saturation/hue/lightness tool quite much. There is many other tools you could do the same thing, but I like this.

Next I take a paint brush.

And choose the fuzzy soft head.

Then I choose the color I want to add. I put the opacity very low, usually I use it between 8 - 18 %. I want to use very thin layers of the color, the brush stroke become much more smooth.

Usually I do first the skin color, little by little.

Then I use the other colors, but also very thin coat.

Later, when I've finished the coloring, I usually add more saturation, or sometimes I might diminish color from some parts. And once more little by little with low opacity. This tool is great, when you want just adjust some parts of the image.

And sometimes I want to darken or lighten some details.

Here is now the ready colored image.

I wanted to add this time more contrast to it. If you want to adjust the whole image, you find really useful tools from these adjust tools. You can adjust color balance, contrast, saturation, hue etc.

This is now the final result, but maybe I could add one more cool detail...

I open the new image, this time a damask pattern, and I choose the paint brush again.

But this time, instead of the solid color, I choose to use pattern.

I start coloring the bandana, once more little by little, and I vary the scale and the angle to get the look natural.
Ok, this is now enough. If you have anything to ask, please do, I'm happy to answer to any questions.

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  1. Just bought Paint Shop Pro and I'm slowly trying to find my way around it. It's a little overwhelming and looking at your tutorial I realize there is a lot more to it then your basic cut and paste feature. I love the step by step and now I'm more excited and eager to learn more through your tutorials. I'll be back for more!

    Primgrl1 :)

  2. Very nice steps...been looking for a colorizing technique today..thank you so much! Can't wait to try this.

  3. Thank you so much, Kirsi, your tutorials are very appreciated. It is difficult when you are just learning and this is such a great help. Hugs, Gayle

  4. As always, clear and concise and easy to follow. I am so grateful to you (I've been doing my by hand and then re-scanning them).

  5. Kiitos hyvästä tutorialista :-) Luen näitä aina innolla!

  6. Mielenkiintoista seurata tuosta miten sen teet. En osaa itse vielä ollenkaan.

  7. Primgrl1
    When you first learn these kind of basic things, you will learn more everyday, it's so fascinating to try new stuff.

    I showed some basics, and once you try these, you will figure out much more.

    With so basics everything come much easier.

    I did exactly the same way, I used pastels to color my images. And I thought that I will never learn how to do it with photo editing, my children told me, that you just have to practice, and you will learn everything, now I know much more than they do, cause I've practiced so much. ;)

    Kiitos, kiva etta naista on iloa, innostaa muakin tekemaan lisaa.

    Kun oppii muutamat perusasiat, niin sitten paasee alkuun ja harjoittelemalla oppii lisaa.

  8. WOW, this is beautiful!!! Thank you so much for taking the time to make your tutorials and show us how you create your wonderful images.
    I have used PSP for a long time but not to do this, I am still using PSP7 so am not sure if it has all of the tools you have, I will check when I have time, I would love to try this :)

  9. Very cool! :) Lovely work!

  10. Thank you I used one of your backgrounds!
    I also have PSP & can't wait to try some of your ideas. I've not had time to try playing with it yet!
    Thanks Tango

  11. Lynn
    This is so fun, I really love to show how I use Paint Shop Pro. You really should try, when you know some basic, you can do so much.

    Thank you. :)

    Thank you, I'm happy you have found something you like. I hope you soon get time to try, it's so fascinating play with Paint Shop.

  12. Really nice..clear and step by step easy to do..thanks

  13. I am very grateful for your wonderful tutorials and can't wait to try this new lesson. I've had PSP for a long time and have tried many things, but you make it so much easier with your clear explanations. Thank you, thank you! Blessings and thanks! Hugs, Terri

  14. Wow...very beautiful! Thanks for sharing your expertise with us!!!

  15. What a beautiful work, I love it. And it is very friendly and generous that you share your knowledges with us. Thank you!!!!

  16. Thanks for all of your greeat tutorials! I have Photoshop Elements 7 and so far cannot see that I am able to color in with patterned images. I REALLY would like to be able to do this so I'll have to check out the price of Paint Shop Pro. In the meantime if you know anything about my program as far as coloring with patterns, please let me know. Thank you so much!

  17. Pchełka, Helen, Terri, LisaLisa and Sushi
    Thank you so much for your lovely comments. :)))))

    Unfortunately I know nothing about Photoshop Elements 7, so I can't tell you, how these tutorial work with it.
    I just bought a new Corel Paint Shop Pro Photo X2, and it was $49. I have older Jasc Paint Shop Pro on my laptop and these tutorial work with both of them at least.

    You could get first 14 days free Paint Shop Pro trial.

  18. Hi Kirsi,
    I want to thank you again so very much for your tutorial "How to Cut Image From Background"!! I am having so much fun doing this with the vintage cabinet cards I have on my blog! I have done several of them and they are in my side bar.

    side bar images

    This new tutorial is fabulous too! Can't wait to try this one out over the weekend! Thank you so much, you are such a sweetheart for sharing with us!
    Carol Anne

  19. You are so awesome to share your hints and tips. I really love your work. Thank you for sharing with us.

  20. Hi new friend! Thank you for the awesome tutorials and the beautiful blog backgrounds!

  21. Love your tutorials...I don't have Paint Shop yet, but I so want to learn how to use it to colorize black & white photos! Your site is a MARVEL, I love it & come here often. Thanks for all your creative genius!!! Have a happy day...Susie

  22. thanks for the great tutorial! for the brush patterns, did you make these yourself or download them from somewhere? they are beautiful patterns! thanks!

  23. What a wonderful blog! Thanks for sharing the fabby backgrounds, too. I happily nabbed one for my own blog.

  24. I am beginning to get it! You are an excellent

  25. Thank you so much for taking the time to do these tuts I might actually learn something now!!!

  26. Thank you very much for taking the time to post something this helpful and instructional. A self-confessed tekkie-dunce, my adeptness with the brush is counterbalanced by my stupidity with computers, especially part related programs. I tried following the instruction but before I got to do anything right, my eyes shut begin to shut by themselves. This is more inspiring and easier to understand.

  27. looovely!

    looking around the blog community because i'm new (been meaning to introduce myself!) and finding new friends and blogs -- would love to swap links, feature you or anything.


  28. Oh my - you're answering so many questions - come and visit me too! Fun blog! Jennifer jennsthreegraces@blogspot

  29. I love the amount of details you gave in your instructions through this tutorial. Great example. Looking forward to more from you.

    image coloring

  30. thank you so much for the tutorial..you are very talented and i love your stuff.pam(U.K)

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  32. wow! just when i thought i was going to sell paint shop pro!

  33. i am sooo addicted!!! thanks so much!

  34. Thank you so much! That was great!

  35. Olen hieman hukassa tuon silveltimen teon kanssa, kun yritän tallentaa uutta pintakuviota, en onnistu millään, apua!

  36. Man, I just suck at this. I keep trying and trying, and still have no where near the end result.

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