Jun 4, 2009

Paint Shop Pro Tutorial - How to make picture tubes

Picture tubes is one of my favorite tools, and now I show how to make them, actually that very easy, more difficult is cut the images out of the background. But here is now a ready cut flowers for you to try. Right click the flower basket and copy it to your computer, or you can of course use something else. But I show now the easy steps...

1. Go to layers and open New Raster Layer

2. Click OK this defauld window

3. Go to Merge, then choose Merge Visible

4. Go File > Export > Picture Tubes

5. Use these default setting and give name for you Tube. Click OK, and you have a new Picture Tube ready to use.

If you want now to use your picture tube, I recommend first add a new layer, cause if you add a picture tube straight to the background, it's on the same layer than background. Therefor you can't edit the tube, but if you have it on the other layer, you can do what ever you want with it.

So now you can choose your picture tube, you can easily scale to right size from 10% to 250%.

And now, when you have the picture tube on it's own layer, you can edit it.

You can for example add drop shadow, or anything you like.

Here is now a simple sample, but now only your imagination can limit the possibilities to use picture tubes.

I know, my instructions are always funny, cause my English is so limited. If you don't understand something or want to know more, feel free to ask.

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  1. Wow. This is brilliant. Can't wait until I have a quiet time to try it out. I really want to learn how to use paint shop better and its great to have information from a creative person on what to do. I think your English is fine. It all makes sense to me! Any other tutorials gratefully received.

  2. Excellent information as always! I will certainly try this out over the weekend. I have been having hell on earth resizing images, as I have a rollerball mouse due to my hands. So I can't click and drag the image to resize, and have been wasting ages trying size after size. It's always easy when you know how (which I don't...) so thank you VERY much!

  3. Thank you so much Itkupilli! Such a great tutorial, I have been wanting to learn this! You are the best!!
    Carol Anne

  4. Thanks, looking forward to trying this! I've been wanting to learn about layers as well.
    You're such a good friend to share so much with us.


  5. Thank you so much Itkupilli!!! I think your explanations are exellent!!! Easy to understand with simpel vocabulary! Not so many difficult words I mean. Well done!

    Hugs Pernilla from Sweden

  6. Tammy, thanks. :)

    Thank you, and I'm so happy to share everything I've learned. I will make more tutorials for sure. :)

    Thank you, and I find the picture tubes really useful, specially if you need to use very small images. It was not so long time ago, when I realized that I can make my own picture tubes.

    Carol Anne
    Thank you, and this is really so easy, once you learn it, then it's a really practical and fast tool.

    Sharing makes this more fun, and I want to share everything I've learned.

    Such a Wondrous Place this Faery Space thank you. :)

    Thank you, and maybe you are right, the simple vocabulary makes my explanations simple. Easier at least for those of us, who don't speak English as native language. ;)

  7. Hi Itkupilli,
    I have been admiring your work from afar for some time now and after looking for a background for one of my blogs I found one I adore from your free backgrounds. Thanks so very much,I appreciate the work you put into it and all of the other beautiful art you create. All artists have their own unique touch and I simply luv yours!
    Hugs Annabelle

  8. Great tutorial Itkupilli... but do you have also Photoshop tuts? If not, I'll try to adapt as I have never made a picture tube before! =)

  9. You are nothing short of amazing!!!! Just found your blog and will follow. Keep up the good work, it's wonderful, I come from a swedish background! xoxo~Kathy@ sweetup-northmornings.blogspot.com Stop in for a visit!

  10. Excellent tutorial. I use Photoshop and I was able to follow you precisely. What you call a "tube" I call a cutout or extraction.

    I have put a link to you on my blog with your new background. It forced me to make a new banner. I describe how I made the banner on my blog. Thank you.

  11. Thanks for sharing some great information!! I am really dying to learn how to cut the images out of the background. Will you showing that any time soon??

    Do have a shop or anything in LA?? I am not to far from you I am in Riverside :)

  12. U simply the best!!!
    Thanks huge!!!
    I can't wait to make a card in honor of u!!!

  13. Thank you Itkupilli,

    I love your name and I bet is sounds beautiful when spoken. I am in love with your tutorials. I thinkonce I get in there and try it wil fit perfectly.
    I do not know either Paint or photoshop but I think They are both on my computer.

    I just need a teacher like yourself who is so delightful and I just saw your site yesterday.

    May thanks for all you do!
    Smiles, Cyndi

    PS: I can't wait to change by blog from primative to more fairylike images

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  15. this is a great tutorial thank you so much, I didn't know how easy was to make picture tubes, I will go and make some more!

  16. OMGosh! You use Corel!! Most everywhere you look it is Adobe. I have Corel, I love it.But everyone goes on and on about Adobe? I have tried both and it seems Corel is a little more user friendly? So refreshing to see someone else with Corel!

  17. Many thanks for the comprehensive information with regards to to make picture tubes. Appreciate it

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  22. what you made a picture tube, was a picture tube already. how do we get rid of the white background? When i click raster layer there is no ok default. I have psp 7 and 9.

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