Mar 27, 2009

More Easter stuff coming up!

Check new Easter stuff from backgrounds and accessories!

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  1. I think you are an amazing talented person to keep coming up with such wonderful artwork.

    Lorraine x

  2. Thank you for coming by. I'm so glad you did. I have been reading your posts and you are just amazing! I have added you to my blogroll. Even though I have been in blog land for about a year, I still am soo computer illiterate. I know I will be coming back to ask you questions. Love your blog and glad to have a new blog friend.

    Hugs :)


  3. Irma
    Thank you! I'm happy you found here and like!

    Ask anything you like, I love to help, if I can. I like to share all I've learnd, cause I remember so well time, when I didn't know anything.

    And always nice to get new friends.:)

  4. your blog is adorable..Thanks for stopping by mine.. I have a mini too>>but never seen a pink one either!!

  5. Amy
    Thank you, and nice to see you here too. :)

  6. Kirsi,
    Please tell me what to do to Celebrate Marie's Party?
    Shall I post the logo on my blog.. ?
    Then what.. I know the magazine is coming out.. you know something I wasn't real sure of WHO she really was.. but a princess! Look at my blog today and see what I made.. I will have to paint a Marie or make a doll? What do you think?
    Your blog is just too much.. wonderful..
    Hugs, Darlene xo

  7. Gorgeous work! I just used the Pink Can can for my blog, BEAUTIFUL!!!Thank you!!!

  8. Thanks SO MUCH for the free blog wallpaper. Come and see how good it looks on my Beezles! xoxoxo

  9. Kirsi,
    I have had my blog hooked up with your design background and side princess.. it is gone now? What
    happened and is anyone else having the problem?
    Please inform.. Darlene Pringle

  10. Sorry everyone, I'm so late to reply here.

    Thank you for your comments. :)

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