Feb 23, 2009

3 Column Minima

I changed this blog to 3 column Minima. Main wrapper is 880 px wide and side wrappers 220 px each. And I will now also make backgrounds for 3 column blogs, but notice that some 3 column blogs might be wider, so then these backgrounds might not fit so well.

To change your blog to 3 column, you must change a little bit HTML code and you will loose some gadgets. So you must copy those, before you change. If you want to try, send me email, and I will send you a new HTML code. But be careful, you should copy your existing template if something goes wrong.

My email: kirsi 007 at gmail dot com

I have a test blog, where I can try every change before I publish them. If there goes something wrong, I can always change it back to Minima. And no harm done to my public blogs.


Vaihdoin taman blogin 3:lle kolumnille ja teen jatkossa myos sivupohjia 3 kolumnin blogeille. Jos haluat vaihtaa oman blogisi 3 kolumnille, laheta sahkopostia mulle, niin lahetan uuden HTML-koodin. Vaihtamisen yhteydessa kylla katoaa joitakin gadgetteja. Esim. blogilistat yms.


  1. I just love these and wanted to thank you for all of us that are currently not able to create these on our own...you make our blogs look beautiful! I will be back to see what else I would like to add.

  2. Terri
    Thank you, and I'm so happy you like my stuff. Usually when I do something, there comes much more than I can use.

    And of course these are pretty easy to do, if you have PhotoShop or PaintShop Pro, or something else, and if you know some HTML. But I love to share my creations too.

  3. Love your pretty blog and thanks for the free photos (:) love em.
    hugs, Patty

  4. Thanks for all the great information. Your blog is beautiful! My new passion, right now, is monkeying with my blog so this is very helpful.

  5. Patty
    Im so happy you like!

    Tam Hess
    Thank you, and I so know that monkeying passion, I have same too. It's no difficult to make changes, but of course you have to be careful. :)

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  8. Looks much better this way, more to look in the same space.

  9. My new passion, right now, is monkeying with my blog so this is very helpful.

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