May 8, 2012

a new concept, what do you think?

First I want to apologize, that I haven´t had time to reply to comments and I haven´t have time to even check the emails. And at least in near future I can´t promise to do any better.

And I have been still a bit confused about new Blogger templates, because originally my backgrounds are designed to use with old Minima template and the codes work best with that. There are ways to use them with the newer templates, I´ve posted about that earlier.

But I wanted to offer, for now on, also backgrounds specially designed to new templates, which you upload straight to your blog, instead of adding the code to gadgets. You can choose the way you want to use the background, for example like on the image above or like the way I've used the background on this blog. I will post the first "uploadable" background and instructions asap.

I get back asap. :)


  1. I love your work!! And I love your blog.

  2. Tu blog es increible!!! me gusta mucho :3 te dejo el link del mio si te gusta sigueme!!! xoxo

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  4. oh my dog, you are soooooo talented!!! i wonder if you have more backgrounds without the center piece of 'paper' defined? i like to left justify my blogs and would love to see more backgrounds like this one!!!

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