Nov 16, 2010

Confused? I am!

One reason for not updating this blog recently is, that I'm confused about the new Blogger templates. I haven't had enough time to dig into the new codes and stuff. I still don't know how to make these background for new templates. Therefor still all my backgrounds are made for Minima template.

If you have a new Blogger template, but wanted to change back to Minima, luckily that's easy. You just had to go to your blog "Design" > "edit HTML" > scroll down and choose "Select Layout Template" > choose "Minima" (first tempalate) > save.

But, if anyone can advice me with new templates, I'd love to learn what to do. Then I could promise new backgrounds for new templates too.

And I must apologize, that I haven't had time to response to any comments or emails. And I'm afraid that until Christmas I'll be to busy to do that. Get back after Christmas, if you still need help or advice. I'm going to delete my email. And I start replying on your requests after Christmas. I know, I'm awful, I hope you understand. ;)

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  1. Yes, it is very confusing. But I did update to the new picture window template so that I could have bigger pictures of my cards on my blog. (And I know that I can go back to minima if I don't like it). That said, I love so many of your backgrounds, and would appreciate your giving us versions to use with the newer templates also. Thanks!

  2. I'm confused too! Head on over and check out my Christmas giveaway if you haven't already!

    Kori xoxo

  3. Any background that worked well with the minima template should wourk just as well with Picture Window in the new blogger templates. That's what I'm using. :]

  4. I am just as confused. I put this cute template up and now I have an "undefined" square at the top of every post. I am thinking of just trying a new template.

  5. Here's what they say over at Blogger Buzz

    Keep up the good work, I love what you do!

  6. Yes, it is confusing. That is why I stick with a basic, old template!

    Just came across your blog!


  7. I was confused too, but went back to minima so that I could use your beautiful makes my blog special and wonderful
    Thank you for all your work and talent
    Ami and Asta(it's Asta's blog)

  8. I went over to the new templates by accident and then came back to use minima but then you no longer have access to their widgets and it wiped all the stuff I added to my blog!!! How unhappy was I?

    I tried using one of your templates in the picture window but there is a load of blank space at the top and I still have to use their awful colours

  9. Hei. Minulla löytyy ohjeita, jotka olen tehnyt ihan omaan blogiinsa (niitähän on mulla neljä). tässä osoite:

    En nyt jaksa miettiä, miten tuon sai tähän kommentiin suoraan linkikis. Noista voisi olla sulle apua, olen itse testannut niitä moneen kertaan ja yhden blogini jopa muuttanut suoraan minimasta tuohon uuteen systeemiin.

  10. You are right. I lost my whole blog a while ago trying to go back so I could keep using your fantastic headers. I was so sad for a few days. Can't tell you how it got fixed but my teenage son sorted it for me. Good luck I'm sure you will be able to figure it out.

  11. Vielä: tein nuo ohjeet jo kesäkuussa ja sen jälkeen en ole niitä oikeastaan tarvinnut. Tällä uudella designerilla näyttää olevan sitten tarkkaa, mihin tuo koodin gadgeti lisätään. Ainakin näyttää toimivan monien kanssa, jos koodi laitetaan aina alimpaan laatikkoon, koska vaikka sivulootaan lisättäessä se oma pikku logolinkki, jonka tulee olla tuolla vasemmalla ylhäällä, voi mennä hassuun paikkaan. Myös nuo transparent-kohdat kandee tarkistaa aina hyvin, joissain olen nähnyt, että heillä on jäänyt pohjan yläosaan ikäänkuin kalvo, kun joku täppä on transparetn kohdissa jäänyt valitsematta. Mutta ohjeideni mukaan pitäisi onnistua.

  12. Confused?
    Who is't?
    But i think the answer is simple.
    People can still use your codecs for the backgrounds.

    Blogger says:
    No matter what template you are previewing in Template Designer, you can always see what is currently live on your blog by looking at the Live on Blog thumbnail in the Template Designer control panel.

    If a background does not fit people can change the size in the designer template.

    Greetings marianne

  13. HI,
    I love your templates. I changed my blog to the new templates and I don't like it at all and I can't figure out how to get back to the old one. I've really enjoyed my visit to your blog and I'd love to use one of your beautiful templates just as soon as I can get back to the original one.


  14. I'm using the new 'simple' template, and your background looks GREAT on my blog :). Thank you! You are so talented.

  15. It truly is confusing, i haven't even attempted to use the new template yet.
    All your designs still work perfectly so I'm happy to stay with the older way as long as possible.
    Happy to see you posting here again Kirsi, missed you so much!
    Hope you had a lovely summer.


  16. Hello!

    Really, a startling, beautiful and intense design of the page, that does want dive in it to read.

    Have a nice day!


  17. I was confused at first but then I chose the 'Simple' template. I then created my own header and background. But I found they said to use a huge background and it didn't work on my computer. So my background is 1275 x 1133 and about 40 Quality (in PS). I will try with one of your stuff when Christmas is over. I love your creations!

  18. I'm using one of your free backgrounds and my blog is beautiful. For 3 days. Now suddenly I come to my blog and there's no background. Just a solid white page. Is anybody else having this problem? I haven't changed a thing.

  19. Thank you for all the beauty and comfort you are offering me right now. Be blessed.
    Irene @ The Happy Turtle

  20. Why are you confused dear...? Cheer up and make this moment the most memorable a ever...You are looking very pretty in that pic... Keep sharing your experiences....

  21. Hei, nappasin blogiini uuden pohjan täältä. Se on lumiukko ja pupu pohja. Kiitos :)

  22. I'm using one of yours templates with the newblogger and I'm having no trouble at all. I just had to decrease the size of the blog. I'm still using it in a 2-colluns-way and everything is ok.
    Thanks for that, anyway.

  23. very good blog, congratulations
    regard from Reus Catalonia
    thank you

  24. Wow, I love your pictures/collages!

    I agree that the new templates are somewhat confusing, but after exploring a bit it didn't take me too much time to figure it out...

    then again, you probably have more advanced template ideas than I ever could! :D

  25. Hi! I think you will this blog.
    At least I like it and suggest it to evry cute 'N' cool blogs (;
    This woman makes such beatiful dolls!!

    Sleep Well :)

  26. I wish I could help you. I'm hanging on to Minima tightly!

  27. Hi,
    I have used just a background without any decorations or put the decorations very small and far, far out to the left and to the right. Look at:
    (not small or far out in edges enough. But you might get an idea)
    Kram Eva Agnes

  28. I found it confusing too. Thank God for forums! I managed to orient myself with new templates.

  29. I had the same problems a litle ago. I would have loved your explanations back then. Well done. BTW Love your blog, I'm a new follower now

  30. Wonderful designs really.thanks for sharing.... I really want to use this templates in my personal blog...

  31. I love your backgrounds. They are fantastic! I use your backgrounds with the picture window template with no problems.

  32. Your bog is fantastic! Would you like to follow me??

  33. Awesome ! Article was so commendable . I hope , you will give more information ........................................................

  34. HELP!! I created a blogspot account because I love your backgrounds. I followed the instructions to get the minima template but it doesn't have the "customize" button at the top of the page. I noticed other people said they are using different templates but I can't figure it out. Completely lost, can anyone walk me through this?? Please

  35. YOU have a beautiful blog!! I'm a new follower from Mel's Cabin, I'm using your display of coffee and jelly in my Cornbread Country Coffee post today.

  36. Your artwork is absolutely stunning! As for the new Blogger - you do not need any html. All you need is a jpg image. That's it. The "Awesome" template, for example, tells you if you want to use your own background, just make a jpg (or some others like png, etc) as an 1800 pixel by 1600 pixel image. Good luck! Your creations are beautiful.

    (I can't imagine staying with the old blogger templates. For one thing, they are just too narrow.)

  37. Wow - what a beautiful page - am totally amezed - i like your work !!!
    Especially the pic whith the dragonflie :-)
    I did a new header for my blog whith your design - I loooooooooooooove it !!!

    Thank you so much

    Greetings Manu

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  46. Hi I tried adding one of your backgrounds but I don't know if I'm doing it right. Is there a specific area where we have to copy-paste the code?

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