Apr 10, 2009

About Headers

The blog header is like a crown for the blog. Very important element. And if the header and the background match well together, then the blog blog looks so distinguished.

One very important thing is the right size of the header. With 2 column regular Mimima, the header width is 648 px, then the header fits perfectly inside the borders and is well centered. If your header width is something else, it might best to change the widht to 648 px with photo editing software and then install it again.

With 3 column blogs, the header widht can differ, but the header width which I use on my 3 column backgrounds is 868 px.

If your header is already quite close to right size, it's easy to change, but if your image is a much smaller, it might become blurry. Then it's better to make a new image, which is closer to right size.

An other way to make the header match better is remove the borders from the header. You must change the border width from 1px to 0px.

margin:0 auto 10px;
border:0px solid $bordercolor;

margin: 5px;
border: 0px solid $bordercolor;
text-align: center;

Or you can of course adjust just the color of the borders from "fonts and colors". Choose the color which is the closest of the background color.

Have a wonderful Easter!

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  1. I love your blog ! I hope you have a wonderful Easter.

  2. Brilliant advice, as always! Thank you.

  3. This is wonderful! I am so happy I found your blog. Now if only I could decipher all the codes.

  4. Thank you for the advice about the border! My header looks way better now.

    Hugs, and I just found you as well. I will check out your backgrounds too

  5. You are so generous in sharing your designs. They are so beautiful too. I love coming to see what you have done. I love all the frills and romantic designs. Thank you for sharing them.

  6. Sue
    Thank you so much!

    Thank you. :)

    Artful Chica
    Thank you, you must try slowly, then it's easy.

    Princess fo Pink
    So nice you found here and sometimes little things have so big effect. :)

    Sharing makes this much more fun. :)

  7. Ihana blogi! Löysin mahtitaustan ja ohjeita, kiitos!

    Wonderful blog! I found a great background and good advice, thank you!

  8. Thank you so much for sharing your wonderful blog backgrounds and designs! My blog looks beautiful now thanks to your talented creations.

  9. I just found you, Thanks to A Nostalgic Halloween! What wonderful creations!

  10. Hannajaleijona
    Kiitos, kiva etta loytyi sulle mieleisia juttuja. :)

    Thank you so much, and sharing makes this more fun also for me. :)

    Enchantments and Giggles
    Welcome to my blog, I so happy you like. :)

  11. I love how my blog looks, thanks to you! www.bloglandjunkie.blogspot.com

  12. I want to thank you for your generosity and your knowledge! I am using one of your designs on my blog and it's just added such a lovely dimension. I chose the one with the peaceful buddha because our daughter is adopted from China and it looks so lovely with the photo from her birthland.

    Many, many thanks!
    Ellen x (UK)

  13. I have been looking for some great backgrounds for my blogger page and was very excited to find your offerings of free backgrounds and header, thank you, thank you!!! I did link and followed I hope everyone stops by here,
    Thanks again,

  14. Thank you Debbie
    I'm happy you find here something you like. :)

  15. Thank you so much for your wonderful site and helpful information. Patty in NJ

  16. Thank you Patty, I'm happy if I can help building up nice blogs. :)

  17. How do you get your header image to look like it sits on top of your background, like it is a cutout? Rather than having a matching background in your header that matches your blog background? Does this make sense? I have an image I want to use as a header, I save as png but when I upload it there is a white box around the image (not the header borders, I've made those transparent). Thanks!

  18. Danielle
    You should not click 'shrink'. The header should be already right size if you want it to have transparent background.

  19. Thank you for the great graphics! I used your header on my newborn blog. One question (or two)- How do I customize the title font in the header and align my Title more to the right so it doesnt wrap on the face?