Mar 25, 2009

What photo editing software you use?

I want to know, what photo editing software you use. I've used both Photo Shop and Paint Shop Pro, but I have ended up to use Paint Shop. I've done almost all of my works with Jasc Paint Shop Pro, but now I have also to latest version; Corel Paint Shop Pro Photo x2, there is not much differences between those two.

I would like to make also some material for making your own blog backgrounds, headers and banners. And perhaps some tutorials, but I can do it only for Paint Shop, of course some of the tutorials would work with other photo editing software, but mainly my stuff would be for Paint Shop.

So is here anyone, who uses Paint Shop and wants to learn how to make own web design? Leave comments and answer to poll at sidebar.

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  1. I use Photo shop and Gimp (I chose Photo Shop, because you let us choose only one unit ;)

    But I think you already know what I use!

    I don't know the Paint Shop Pro, but I went to their sites and noticed it's free! I think I must download and try it :D

  2. Elegia, where you get free PaintShop!! I just bought one, 14 trial was free.

    I tried Gimp a little bit, but I didn't get into it. And I'm too lazy and used to Paint Shop, that I could seriously learn Photo Shop.

  3. Here's the link:

    I haven't load it yet. Too busy to make some pics ;)

  4. Elegia
    OMG! And I just paid $50, which I thought was cheap, cause usually I think it coasts around $100.

  5. No voi ei! Mutta nyt minulle siis... Pakko kirjoittaa suomeksi, kun olen niin tohkeissani. Siis latasin tuolta sivulta sen ohjelman, mutta en löydä sitä mistään?!

    Minulle tuli vain selaimeen kauhea kasa kaikkia tabeja, mutta itse Paint Shop Prota ei näy missään. Olikohan tuo nyt sitten huijausta vai missä sen pitäisi olla? Tuossa esittelyssä kyllä kehuttiin, että se on nimenomaan kuvankäsittelyohjelma. Outoa :o

  6. Hei ! Christa täällä hihi. Kuule minun täytyy sinulta kysyä yksi juttu. MIKÄ voi olla vikana minun blogillani kun headeri kuva ei näy? Oisiko sinulla siihen vastaus? Se on toiminut ennen mutta nytten ei. Kuva kylläkin on sielä mutta miksi se ei näy! Olen yrittänyt eri kuvia ja muuta mutta ei toimi. Voisiko se olla lukossa jotenkin? Olen myös yrittänyt tehdä vika ilmoituksen bloggerille mutta kun tuo englanti ei ole niin hyvä! Mitä minun pitäisi tehdä? Halit Christa

  7. I have both Photoshop and Paint Shop Pro - and love Paint Shop Pro. Just easy and simple: get in, do what I need to do quickly, and finish. Photoshop is so complicated - I acutally went on a short course (4 sessions, each 3 hours) and am no better with it. I also have Serif's PagePlus x3 - and wish I had never bothered to buy it. I don't find it at all easy to use.

    So, in my opinion, if you can use Photoshop or Gimp or, you would certainly be able to understand any instructions written for Paint Shop Pro.

    And thanks so much for this - what a brilliant idea, and so generous of you. Can't wait!

  8. Elegia
    No kyllahan siina ihan selvasti sanottiin, etta PaintShop, mutta ihmettelin, kun siina oli myos jotain peleihin liittyvaa.

    Saahan aina tietysti piraattiversioita ilmaiseksi, mutta niihin ei sitten saa paivityksia yms.

    Mutta ota sellainen 14 ilmainen kokeilu versio, kokeilemalla sen vasta tietaa, onko joku itselle mieluinen.

    Ma kylla nain headerin siella blogillasi, eli ongelma on sitte varmaan korjaatunut, en kylla ymmarra mista se on ollut kiinni, ei siella pitaisi mitaan lukkoja olla.

    I agree, Photo Shop is too complicated, I don't have patient to learn it, and no motivation either, cause with Paint Shop I can do what ever I want.

  9. Hei Taas! Juu kyllä se headeri on mutta se on toisessa blogissa ei siinä missä pitäisi. NO jos se ei ala toimimaan niin en tiedä mitä pitäisi tehdä. Mulla on 3 blogia tällä hetkellä ja kahdessa niissä on headerit mutta se eka mihin paljon kiroitan, siinä se ei näy. Mutta no kait se siittä! Kiitos kun kuitenkin vastásit. Halit Christa

  10. Christa
    Kavin kurkkaamassa sille blogille, jossa se headeri ei nay. Ainut mika mulle tulee mieleen, on se, etta se tausta tulee jotenkin sen headerin paalle, tai jos se on html-koodissa, niin se koodi ei tue headeria.

  11. I use Photoshop Elements 5 and dont have Paint Shop, only an old version of Paint Shop Pro - dont know if that is similar or not.

    Love your beautiful backgrounds and artwork - you are so talented!

    Best wishes from the UK


  12. Hi, i normally use Photo Shop but sometimes some software I´ve got for free, for instance compu pic pro or Photo impact.
    Lots of greetings!
    p.s. you have a wonderful blog!

  13. Hi, Love your blog and I use your backgrounds! Just started to use my blog.
    I would love to see your tutorials! I've always wanted to learn!

    Thanks so much, Dawn

  14. Hello! I wanted to say i love your blog. Thank you so much for the wall paper and I appreciate it! :) Thanks so much!

  15. I use Photshop and Adobe Illustrator.

    Have a great weekend!



  16. Barbara
    Thank you!
    And I think your older PaintShop Pro is quite similar to newer ones.

    Thank you! I don't know those free softwares, I've not time to try anything else than PaintShop.

    Thank you! I will show some tutorials, so you can learn how to make web site design of your own.

    I'm not familiar to Adobe Illustrator, but maybe I should give a try.

    Have a great weekend you too. :)

  17. I love Paint Shop Pro, but also have Photoshop, for years I preferred Corel Draw.

  18. Hei! OK no ei se mitään olen nytten vaihtanut blogin, en ole niin hyvä niissä koodeissa haha. Kiitos kuitenkin avustasi! Halit Christa

  19. Margaret
    I agree with you, I have also both, but I use only PaintShop, I can do everything with it. :)

    Kiva, etta sait homman sujumaan. :)

  20. I've played on Corel Draw..self taught...Then whatever photo editing came on computer 2001 and Got a free trial of CS2 so I could take a free class with HP...didn't finish the class. I recently broke down and purchased photoshop elements 7...And took one lesson it was so worth it. I would love to learn more... this self teaching is like going at a snails pace. I went to the site for the free down load that was mentioned in the above post... I wanted to confirm if I read it right... that it is a free 30 day trial version.

  21. Terri
    I'm self taught, although my children helped me to start, but almost everything I've learned by trying new things. And there is of course millions of ways to do things. I will tell some of my tricks later.

    Ok, so it's only free trial, I thought it must be something like that.

  22. I love your blog and all the beautiful things that you so talently create. I use Photoshop 7, teaching myself, and it is slow and difficult. I may have to try and find Paint Shop Pro. Thank you for considering to do tutorials.

  23. Mary Lynn
    Thank you, and let's see, some tutorial will be for sure. :)

  24. Hope I'm not to late but I would love to learn how to do this..I use paint shop pro 8

    Kindest Regards ..

    Sara of Sweet Magnolias Farm

  25. would like to learn backgrounds using paint shop pro

  26. Sara
    You are not too late, but I'm late with reply. I will start posting tutorials, when I have a little bit more time, now I've been quite busy.

    I will post about making backgrounds, later. :)

  27. I love to use your background. It's a pitty.
    I have an Apple computer. I cannot copy this.


  28. Ineke
    I didn't know, that you can't copy these codes with Apple. How you can add gadget and other stuff to your blog, if you are not able to copy these codes?

  29. I would LOVE to learn! I have been teaching myself for the past year and use Corel Paint Shop Pro. I've also used Gimp and I have a trial version of Photoshop I'm playing with right now. The best feature of Photoshop is to be able to do text on a curve. I can't figure out how to do that in PSP (I have version 12 I think).

    What a cool blog you have!

  30. Hi Mary
    I try to make some tutorials, or better say, show how I do something. I've seen somewhere how to make text on a curve with Paintshop, but I don't remember where, I can't yet do it, but I will find out, and then show it. :)

    And thank you, I'm happy you like my blog. :)

  31. I LOVE photoshop, it's a bit daunting at first but becomes like second nature and you can do just about anything with it if you just experiment. haven't tried Paint Shop but love your work so might give that free download a try! :o)

  32. Hi Yve
    Thank you for your comment. I could say same about Paint Shop, but I think it's also cause I'm so used to it, that I don't have enough motivation for PhotoShop.

    Unfortunately that was wrong information about PaintShop, but you can have a free 14 days trial.

  33. Shankar
    I think that is really the most used software.

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  35. Hi! i would love to see the tutorials, and PS, your blog gives me inspiration every day, and is dead genius.

  36. I use photoshop for editing picture and for drawing i use paint, you can make wonderful things on pictures with paint.

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