Mar 9, 2009

Something simple for the change!

I've made so romantic and frilly backgrounds, that now it was time to make something simple, yet romantic. Go and check new backgrounds, there are backgrounds for both 2 column and for 3 column tempaltes. And some new matching accessories as well, also headers.

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  1. Thank you for sharing your labour of love.I have spent a good few hours playing with your offerings. I have listed your blog on mine with a special introduction :). I hope you like it. You can find this post (which is dedicated to 5 blogs that I thought deserve the Fabby Blog Award at

  2. Hei! Nappasin sinulta taustan omaan blogiini ja todellakin rakastan sitä! Toivottavasti se on ok?

  3. Sans
    Thank you, I'm so happy you found something for you, and I'm very honored of the award. :)

    Kiva, etta loysit mieleisen, olen oikein iloinen siita. :)

  4. Oletpa ollut tuottelias! Täällä vaan ihastelen näitä... Ihanat pikkulinnut... :)

  5. Kiitos Jutta,
    Naita todellakin tuntuu syntyvan nyt kuin sienia sateella. :)

  6. Me encantan tus diseños, muchas gracias!